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What we do and how we do it:

We are a technology company that offers individual, modular, and scalable packages for colocation, housing, and managed services at our sustainable and efficient data center facility. Regardless of whether it’s the rack and floor space, a cage, a complex IT infrastructure solution, or else, we’ll advise you on the ideal configuration that best meets your needs.

Things are changing fast. You can be faster!

With DC Darmstadt, it takes hours, not weeks, to get you up and running. Our support, sales, and engineering teams are quick to reply, advise on, implement, and easily scale any deployment project to meet your ever-changing business needs.

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Supporting the foundation of our business — you.

There’s a general misconception that to thrive in a data center business, you have to be ruthless. But we know there’s a different way to grow. One where what’s good for our customers is also good for our bottom line. We believe that businesses can and should flourish when they treat each and every client with the utmost attention.

The data-driven business journey differs for everybody. No matter your need, large or small, our offerings are flexible enough to pave the path that’s best for your organization.

From colocation to the complex IT infrastructure solutions and beyond. We are here to help.

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