Full Rack (47U) Colocation

Flexibility & Scalability of our Full Rack Colocation

Full racks colocation will allow your business more space to grow. When there is extra room remaining within the cabinet, our clients are free to store their servers or network equipment.

Moreover, should you need another rack of space in the near future, we'll offer you the “right of first refusal” on the adjoining free cabinets if other parties express interest.

Security and Growth Plans

Our full rack space is provisioned in the form of a lockable cabinet with an exclusive locking cylinder system in place. Front, as well as the back of each rack, are locked and only your company’s approved IT personnel can gain access to it.

Our full rack colocation is an excellent solution to a majority of businesses in the Frankfurt region. However, if your growth plans include multiple cabinets in the foreseen future, you might want to take a look at our cage, private room, or even vault offerings as well.

Starting at
/ month
47U lockable rack space
Supplied with 1 - 25kW
230V-16A / 32A or 400V-32A
1-10gbps +
Optional remote hands
24/7 NOC support
24/7 security and surveillance
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Why choose Full Rack Colocation service from DC Darmstadt?

Our colocation services are reliable and straightforward. We honor agreements and always provide the level of service that is fast, unobtrusive, and of the utmost quality.

Low Latency

We peer to more than 500 ISPs and networks to give you the lowest possible latency.

Customized Service

Our colocation concept is very flexible and offers you a number of customizations and options.

Skilled Remote Hands

Our skilled remote hands are very affordable and are billed in 15 min increments.

Expert Advice

Our experts are ready to help you architect solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Utmost Security

We provide unmatched physical and digital security options for our customer's data.

Bandwidth Analytics

Tools to help you monitor bandwidth and analyze traffic by protocols, locations, applications, etc.

Unique rack design and top-notch infrastructure

The server racks from DC Darmstadt with 47 height units have fully redundant and crossover-free power supply and data cabling. The data routes of the Internet providers and carriers also run fully redundantly and without intersections to their separate feed points (HUBs).

All racks are being air-conditioned via a cold aisle containment.

We ensure consumption-optimized billing via calibrated electricity meters.

High scalability of up to 1,000 racks and over 5MW of performance.

The racks are supplied via a redundant power input. We offer a consumption-optimized billing via verified electricity meters for all customers. The meter data can be viewed on-premise and is included in a monthly report provided with the invoice. All racks are redundantly connected. Racks can be supplied with up to 25kW.
Different power connection options are available: 230V/16A; 230V/32A; 400V/32A. Customers can receive any number of power connections. 2kW RZI must be booked monthly per double connection (side A and B). PDUs are delivered in coordination with DC Darmstadt or placed by the customer. The tasks of connecting the PDUs and grounding racks are DC Darmstadt's responsibility.

Advanced safety features come standard

  • The exclusive locking cylinder system
  • Three-digit configurable security codes
  • Keys are only kept in the building
  • Security-wise modified walls, roof, and floor
  • Security on cage level with each server rack

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a rack at DC Darmstadt contain?

At DC Darmstadt you will receive a rack with 42-47 height units, with an individual access code that you determine yourself.

In addition, depending on the number of KW booked, the corresponding PDUs (A and B side) are already installed and connected.

What are the advantages of not having a cage?

Nowadays there are many possibilities to realize cage security on rack level. It is much cheaper, more efficient and allows individual access control depending on the manufacturer, if you divide the hardware manufacturer or maintenance service provider knitting per rack. With this division, an HP technician only has access to the rack with the HP hardware, which is not implemented in most cage solutions.

Is the electricity charged according to actual consumption or as a lump sum?

The electricity is measured with a calibrated meter and billed monthly according to actual consumption.

Who gets access to a rack?

Access is granted to persons who have been entered in the access list by an authorized person in your company and who can identify themselves at the entrance with a photo ID.

How is the rack opened if the door code is no longer known?

A DC Darmstadt security officer will check if it really is your rack and if you are authorized to set a new code. Afterward, your door will be opened with a special key by our security officer and you will be able to set a new code.

Should the rack KW power be equal to the avg or max consumption of the installed hardware?

Each customer decides for himself which KW power is needed in the rack and books the desired power in 1KW steps accordingly. There is an SLA for the booked power, which describes the reliability and guarantees the availability of the booked power.

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