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Here's why successful businesses are moving to the cloud


Fast go-to-market releases, Scalable when required (up/down).


Reduction of CAPEX and engineering time to build your own infrastructure.


Ensured continuity of services and redundancy of all systems.

Infrastructure Services

Compute Resources

Choose any configuration and operating system, deploy projects and scale them in one click.

Virtual Private Cloud

Create your own cloud networks from a configurable pool of computing resources.

Access Management

Track, control, and manage the authorized or specified users' access to your projects.

Data Migration

Migrate to our cloud seamlessly with no data loss, performed by professionals.

Disaster Recovery

Protect your IT infrastructure against downtime in case of failures or potential incidents.

Resources Management

Create various projects, assign specific roles, and manage access, all from one place.

Advantages of the offered Cloud

Quality Infrastructure

Tier IV data centers with the connectivity of up to 40 Gbps.

High Reliability

Quality DDoS protection at the network protocol layer.

Ease of Operation

Quick integration and access to resources via the API.

Network Locations

Default hardware configuration

Processor & memory

Intel Xeon (Skylake 6152 / Cascade Lake 6252 / 5220 R) RAM up to 1 TB

Windows & Linux OS

Support for Windows and Linux operating systems

Data storage system

SSD and HDD with triple replication, High-IOPS SSD for applications requiring it.

KVM hypervisor

KVM hypervisor used as the virtualization layer.

Solutions for all industries

Gaming & Entertainment

Create games and integrate any online solutions using the scalable platform.

Media Industry

Offer access to resources and broadcasts for an audience of any size, anywhere!

E-commerce and retail

Analyze the preferences of your customers and interact effectively with them.

Fintech companies

Reduce risks, automate operations and serve customers faster and better.

Social services

Upgrade the medical and educational services, improve user satisfaction.

Energetics and industry

Optimize production and network infrastructure based on big data analysis.

First-class support

Load control

From the monthly report, you will be able to predict the load on the infrastructure to adequately plan the development budget.

Process transparency

We document all processes, keep track of tasks, log all actions within the client portal for you to be in the known.

24/7 technical support

Our experts will help with the integration, real-time monitoring and maintenance of our entire cloud infrastructure.

Move to the cloud!

Convert CAPEX expenses into manageable OPEX costs and grow faster
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