Server Colocation

Secure and flexible colocation services right in the heart of Europe’s key connectivity hub. With a multitude of configuration options as well as the near-limitless space, our vigorous colocation services will fit your exact business requirements.

Smooth, Fast and Secure Colocation Service

At DC Darmstadt, we do our best to deliver outstanding colocation service at all times. Our well-trained project managers coordinate and implement every installation at our facility with the utmost attention to details and your needs. Should you require a bit of consultative advice or simply need additional information we'll be there to help and ensure a professional and fast deployment process.

What to expect from our Colocation Experts:


Strategic deployment advice based on past experiences

Deployment Design

Assistance with the optimal design for your deployment.


Project timelines and deployment management.

Quality Referrals

Trusted contacts from our extensive vendor list.

Remote Hands When You Need Them

Our Remote Hands services are available to customers for a multitude of routine and emergency technical tasks. Outsource the installation, operation, and management of your equipment to the DC Darmstadt experts within our facility, and focus on the core aspects of your business.

When your IT staff is not near the deployment, tasks such as power status verification or equipment reconnection are hard to accomplish on the fly. Our Remote Hands service can perform these easy tasks for you, so your engineers would not have to spend travel time and budgets to flip a switch.

Some of our most popular Remote Hands services:

  • Cabling and Wiring Tasks
  • Circuit Migrations, Testing, and Diagnostics
  • Equipment Racking & Stacking
  • Deployment Audit, Device Labeling, Inventory
  • Basic Device Management
  • Shipping, Receiving and Handling Services

Why choose to Colocate at DC Darmstadt

Colocation at DC Darmstadt is a great option for businesses to streamline their IT operations. We believe in the power of simplicity and transparency across our service delivery terms, ROI estimates, and pricing models. Our approach compensates for solutions complexity. We provide clear, concise, and easy to understand information and support to our clients at all times.

At DC Darmstadt, we engineered our data center from the ground up and paid special attention to the power distribution and cooling systems as well as a diverse carrier-neutral approach to connectivity. All our clients benefit from total flexibility in regards to power demands, service options, and are free to utilize various world-class ISPs, Hyperscalers, and Internet Exchanges to excel.

Considering various options?

Learn more about our Full Rack Colocation services as well as Cage, Private Room & Vault options.

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